Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Prayer for Mothers of Daughters Everywhere

A Prayer for Mothers of Daughters Everywhere
Written by: Tracey Wormsbacher

I pray that in raising your daughter you influence her in positive ways.

I pray that you teach your daughter to be kind and compassionate not only with words but with actions.

I pray that you understand that what you teach your daughter today is who she
will be tomorrow.

I pray that your daughter knows that you’re not perfect and that you don’t expect her to be either.

I pray that you instill values that build a healthy sense of self-confidence,
self-awareness and self esteem.

I pray that you can find a way to give her the confidence to stand up for herself when others won’t.

I pray that you invest the time to talk about right from wrong on a regular basis.

I pray that you spend time showing her how her actions affect others.

I pray that she can learn to be a “lady” no matter what the circumstances.

I pray that you can control your emotions when faced with times when things hurt your daughter.

I pray that when bad things happen you show your daughter that
“Doing the right thing” is most important.

I pray that your daughter is able to tell you the truth, no matter what the consequences are.

I pray that no matter what the truth is that you will let her know that your love is unconditional.

I pray that during conflicts you are able to see it from different perspectives and teach your daughter to do the same.

I pray that you care for and protect the friends of your daughter as if they are your own.

I pray that you recognize the times when your daughter needs you to be a friend and the times when she needs you to be her Mother.

I pray that you can find it in your heart not to judge others when they make mistakes but take advantage of the teachable moments for you as a mother
and your daughter as a child in these challenging and confusing times.

I pray that you convey that is never ok to have fun or gain at the expense of another human being.

I pray that your daughter learns to be a “Good Friend” by your example.

I pray that you surround yourself with other Mothers who share the same values for their daughters.

I pray that God shows you that we all share the same goals for our daughters.
To be raised in a safe and loving environment that will prepare them to be “Mothers of daughters”.

“I pray that you help other mothers by sharing this prayer.”