Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Gift of Hope

After a particularly difficult day at work in a normally very happy place, I had some time to reflect which stirs up more emotion and causes me to write.

As my family knows and now most of you know my greatest weakness is my emotional sensitivity. I take everything, literally everything, including things that have nothing to do with me personally!


The tragedy that we are currently experiencing has given me "Renewed" strength and hope.

Each peak and valley is laced with life lessons.

I'll try not to make this so much about me and get to the message. It is crystal clear that my weakness IS my greatest asset, a gift and a blessing.

I want to share this blessing with you...

Since it is the season of giving I would ask you all to reflect on your own lives and the people that you know who are in pain or struggling. This may be an illness, job loss, divorce, loss of a loved one, financial difficulties, family issues. Please include family, friends, acquaintances and even someone that you are at odds with or don't really care for.

   1.  Acknowledge them by wishing or saying a prayer for them.
   2.  Find something positive about that person and share it with them.
   3.  Help in some small way, even a kind word of encouragement to let them know that you care.
   4.  Give your time, listen, ask questions, even offer positive ideas.
   5.  Let them know that they are not alone.
   6.  Ask them what they need. Sometimes it's just someone to express their feelings to.

   1. Judge
   2. Criticize
   3. Avoid
   4. Ignore
   5. Pretend that everything is ok.
   6. Do nothing because you're too busy living your life or think it has nothing to do with you.

I'm sure that everyone reading this can think of a person right this minute that this applies to so, remember during this season of giving that someone out there could use your help.

I hope my words inspire you to give the "gift of hope" and you make it a way of life. Even though you may not solve that person's problems, you may change their life in some way. Take a chance for hope!

With much love, hope and peace to you all,

Tracey Fors Wormsbacher