Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"Manners of the heart"

The idea of teaching manners came to me after spending years working in my children's classrooms at school and interacting with their friends and peers. I noticed that in general, kids are not aware of their behavior and the impact that they have on others.

I believe that we've all been taught manners by parents, grandparents and teachers.
It's just that our society has become so casual that we don't practice or re-inforce the importance of manners today.

For me, it's about the behavior more than formalities. Please and Thank You, Excuse Me and I'm sorry for starters. I like to call it "Universal Kindness". When your request includes "Please" it is kind and may make the other person feel good about fulfilling your request.

Some may think that they should use these words sparingly because overuse seems insincere.
Actually, the opposite is true. These words should be used even in the most mundane conversations, over and over in effort to make it habit!

Add a smile and a kind demeanor and just think how this idea could catch on?

When I began my research on "Manners and Etiquette" I was surprised to find so much information on the subject in books, websites and blogs. I was also surprised at the lack of programs that were dedicated to teaching this lost art to children.

My theory in creating "Manners and Etiquette" classes for children is that by helping them become more aware, it will raise awareness in general.

Many times parents are present during our classes. I see pleasure on their faces when
they experience their children participating in discussions and roleplaying!

As we grow our programs we will include resources for you that will help strengthen our message of "Inspiring personal growth and confidence through self awareness and self discipline."

I look forward to the opportunity to help parents in teaching kindness, compassion and empathy to children (of all ages).

I am always available to offer advice on these topics.

As Always Inspiringly Yours,


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"Teaching Manners a Lifetime Job"

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