Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Gift of Hope

After a particularly difficult day at work in a normally very happy place, I had some time to reflect which stirs up more emotion and causes me to write.

As my family knows and now most of you know my greatest weakness is my emotional sensitivity. I take everything, literally everything, including things that have nothing to do with me personally!


The tragedy that we are currently experiencing has given me "Renewed" strength and hope.

Each peak and valley is laced with life lessons.

I'll try not to make this so much about me and get to the message. It is crystal clear that my weakness IS my greatest asset, a gift and a blessing.

I want to share this blessing with you...

Since it is the season of giving I would ask you all to reflect on your own lives and the people that you know who are in pain or struggling. This may be an illness, job loss, divorce, loss of a loved one, financial difficulties, family issues. Please include family, friends, acquaintances and even someone that you are at odds with or don't really care for.

   1.  Acknowledge them by wishing or saying a prayer for them.
   2.  Find something positive about that person and share it with them.
   3.  Help in some small way, even a kind word of encouragement to let them know that you care.
   4.  Give your time, listen, ask questions, even offer positive ideas.
   5.  Let them know that they are not alone.
   6.  Ask them what they need. Sometimes it's just someone to express their feelings to.

   1. Judge
   2. Criticize
   3. Avoid
   4. Ignore
   5. Pretend that everything is ok.
   6. Do nothing because you're too busy living your life or think it has nothing to do with you.

I'm sure that everyone reading this can think of a person right this minute that this applies to so, remember during this season of giving that someone out there could use your help.

I hope my words inspire you to give the "gift of hope" and you make it a way of life. Even though you may not solve that person's problems, you may change their life in some way. Take a chance for hope!

With much love, hope and peace to you all,

Tracey Fors Wormsbacher

Friday, November 8, 2013


I am thankful for Marlene Kunz from Civic Concern. Her selfless dedication continues to help those in need on a daily basis. We have been fortunate that our children have attended Northville Schools for twelve years and have had the opportunity to work with Civic Concern on many community projects from collections to stocking the shelves to adopting families for the Holidays.

Until recently, I didn’t really understand the impact and how Marlene helps people. I thought it was merely a food pantry, until I became one of those in need!

Do you know that Civic Concern provides food and help for over 170 Northville Families? Yes, Northville! But there is more to it. Marlene personally helps make connections for abused women and people in tough spots for shelter, transportation, education, utility bills, legal aid and counseling. It has made me realize that there is so much we can do to help and not just during the holidays.

Marlene also organizes the Kiwanis bowling for the handicapped every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month at Novi Bowl. Evan and I signed up to help last Saturday and I have to tell you what a wonderful experience! We will be regulars. Everyone that is involved from the special bowlers to their parents, family members, guardians, caregivers and volunteers are there because of the joy that they receive in helping and watching them have fun! It is truly heartwarming.  It was a very special way for me to bond with my son since we don’t spend much time together anymore. I encourage you to volunteer!

During my few visits with Marlene at her humble yet very busy center I have had the pleasure of meeting people who have shared their very personal stories. Some come to make a donation. One very friendly gentleman comes in once a month to deliver cereal. He waits until there is a sale and buys a grocery cart full and then delivers it himself.  Another beautiful couple in their late sixties come once a month to make a monetary donation. Marlene thought that I should meet them.  They have been married for 16 years and are quite wealthy. But her life before that had been no bed of roses for the lady. You see, when her three children were all under 10 years old her husband abused her mentally, verbally and physically. It was not until the night he hit her face so hard that it split open that she got the courage to take her three children and leave with nothing. For the record, her son is a doctor and her daughter is in Washington working for the government!
As she shared her story with me she took both of my hands in hers, looked me in the eyes and said “You will get through this”.

Then there are the ladies who have been helped by Marlene when they were in need from various degrees of distress. Abused, Dependent on drugs and alcohol, laid off, homeless and other terrible situations many of them received her help at one time or another. They are so grateful for the help that they are there weekly volunteering to put things away, do pick-ups at collection spots or anything else that they can do to give back. It is very humbling as well as enlightening to hear these women tell their stories.  It is amazing that when they asked me to share my story I never felt judged or ashamed. I went to visit Marlene for some advise but received so much  more.

How serendipitous it is that I would learn the true meaning of giving during the time that my need is greatest.

Although I have not taken any grocery bags of food home from the pantry, Marlene is always giving me her food. When I leave from my visits with her not only is my stomach full but so is my heart!

Marlene you are angel from heaven.

Tracey Fors Wormsbacher

Friday, September 27, 2013

The Box is OPEN!


Everyone has a story, some just have a few more layers and are bit more colorful!

I started writing the book to tell my story to help me let go of the past and to help others who have struggled with self acceptance. Since then, things have gotten really hard for us and I now feel like it's the only way out of the current situation.

The book is about my unbelievable life. I mean it! When I tell people some of what has taken place they look at me like I should be a fiction writer because this can't be true.

Let's start with the last few days.

I got a voice mail from a very sweet woman named Luella in Idaho who does research for the Genealogy Society there. I had contacted her several months ago to help me find information about my birth mother and possibly the 5 siblings listed on my birth certificate.

Her research turned up a lot of information on my Mother, Zelma. It's not pretty.

She had found Sandy, the wife of Zelma's 2nd husband Kenneth's nephew. Are you with me? So while she is not related to me directly she was very familiar with the situation because her mother and father in law
stood up for Zelma and Kenneth at their wedding in 1953.

Zelma and Kenneth had two children together. They would be two of the children listed on my birth
certificate, my half brother and half sister. They were unable to find a death certificate so Zelma could be alive. More on that later...

I would love to meet her to hear her side of the story. My father would never tell me much, even made up lies. After hearing more about her, I understand.

Both Luella and Sandy were very excited to share the information with me but had great concern. It appears that Zelma was quite a tramp, she had also left these children with their father, Kenneth. They were very happy to have found the information that I have been longing for years however, they hoped that I didn't have this fantasy about a "Fairy Tale Reunion".

Actually, I have no expectations other than to know more. Even if this doesn't go any further, I feel some validation. I explained to Luella and Sandy that there are things about myself that I don't understand. It's like a box in my mind that has been locked and it's heavy, keeping me from happiness. Inside the box are all of the things that I need to know to help me move forward let go of the pain, but I can't open it!

Seeing my mother's name on the internet for the 1st time last winter was a key. Luella and Sandy took my hand and with that key they helped me open the box...

My sister was born in 1954 and lives in Idaho. I was able to find her on facebook. I left her a message:

"Dear Cheryl, I wanted to call you but I thought it best to write. My name is Tracey Fors. I am your half sister. My birth mother is Jeannie (Zelma Eiler). Naturally, I am curious about you and Jeannie and would like to know more. I understand that this news may cause you some pain, so please take your time in responding. I live in Michigan, here is my home phone number if you would like to contact me. Sincerely, Tracey

I sent the message yesterday. Now I wait. My stomach churning with angst and curiosity!

My brother, born in 1955 passed away leaving behind a very beautiful wife and two daughters. I have decided that out of respect I will wait for the outcome with my sister to approach my brother's family.
They have been through a lot since he passed away in 2009 in an accident.

This is the up to the minute status. I have so much more to share so, I will post more later.

Thank you everyone for all of your love, support and interest in this journey...



Saturday, September 21, 2013

Criminals, Rule Breakers, Soup for the Soul and Stinky Shoes

Day by Day

I go to bed at night with the peace of knowing that I work hard every day. In fact, I wish I spent more time doing something fun just for myself. Perhaps, read a magazine? I'm always trying to figure out how I can multitask by doing something productive while watching "Real Housewives".  Most nights I sleep pretty good! Partly because I love to sleep and partly because because the stress has taken every ounce of my energy. I wanted to make a good impression with my 1st post with the new format, but I had a headache. I spent the day trying to clear up a mess on Ebay! Be careful and BEWARE!! I have good luck selling items under $200. But I listed high-end jewelry and out came the criminals!

I think my years of retail has given me the ability to see red flags and man these people are slick!
Luckily, I have an eye for this sort of thing and caught them trying to scam me before I shipped the goods.
The security at Ebay was a bit surprised how I figured it out. The bad news is that you have to go through a process before you take the item down or relist it.

Now I'm concerned about selling those type of items on Ebay! I have a beautiful watch and some designer pieces that I desperately need to sell.

I'm Just Sayin' 

By nature I am a rule follower. Honestly, because I hate confrontation. The idea of someone pointing out that I broke the rules is crushing to me. So I drive the speed limit, put my cart back and count my items before stepping into an express lane at the grocery store!

Apparently there are a few people at my daughter's middle school who don't care about following rules or they just think that they're special so the rules don't apply to them.

Everyday I go to the school early so I can back into my parking spot. Trying to back out is nearly impossible because there are so many parents driving in circles while talking on their cell phones. Then there are the "special people" who get there early to get their spot in  the fire lane that has a sign posted "NO PARKING" Fire Lane even though there are 20 legal parking spots open! There are about 5 of those people. How about the people who park in the driveway on both sides so you need a smart car to get through. To top it off they get there early so they can get out of the car and go socialize with another special parent while standing in an open parking spot! Do they teach their kids to follow the rules or break the rules? I'm just sayin'...

Recipe Review

"Pioneer Woman's Broccoli Soup"

Soup is good for the soul! I love it because it's so versatile. It can be refreshing with a salad in the summer or warm and hearty with a grilled sandwich during cold months.

I think this one is delicious no matter what time of the year!  Pioneer Woman is my favorite cooking show on Food Network. I've tried a lot of recipes from celebrity cooks and some just didn't taste good! Every recipe that I've tried from Pioneer Woman is delicious. Most I would make again. Be sure to make a big batch of this soup, your whole family will love it!
Leftovers can easily be frozen. Try it with muffins or crusty rolls.

Here's the link:

"Shoe Buddies" 

Here's the 1st run at a tutorial. Hey, cut me some slack while I get the hang of this! I'm one of those who's not afraid to try things but, I'm self taught on most everything. 

I hear Moms talking about smelly shoes. I did some research and found a recipe that was easy and inexpensive so I thought I would give it a try! You can also use these for your undergarment drawers or add a loop to hang on hangers in your closet. This is an easy "No Sew" project that you can make and give away as gifts too! If you're not into crafts you know where you can get them. $3.00 a pair or two pair for $5.00

   Supplies needed
Baking Soda
Loose weave fabric
Pinking Shears

 8" bowl to trace pattern

                                                   I used an 8 inch bowl for my pattern.

                                                          Trace the pattern with a pen

Cut out your circles using pinking shears to help prevent fraying
I used a coffee scoop and measured equal parts of baking soda and lavender

Then pull all of your edges together to create a little package

Secure it with your ribbon. 10" pieces will give you just enough to make a cute little bow. 
Be sure to pull it really tight so your ribbon doesn't come off!

 Aren't they cute?

And lastly my inspiring thought for today: 

Practice deliberate kindness daily.  I can't tell you how good it makes me feel when I give a compliment or offer to help without being asked. Somedays, this is how I get through the day!

"Live 2 Inspire"

Monday, September 16, 2013

"Saving Myself"

I'm not new to blogging but now I'm blogging to save my life. Really.

I've had some pretty dark moments in my life. This past summer I hit bottom. I hope! I have posted lots of stories about my business, but never really shared what was happening at home. I was feeling so hopeless about our circumstances that I wanted to end my life. God reached down and said "You're not finished yet".

Earlier in my life I had been pulled out of other harmful situations by God, Buddha, Allah, Angels or Strangers? Each time at the brink of desperation. This time is different because I was told that I would need to save myself!

I was reminded that I was given two miracles named Evan and Casee. I would have to find strength for them.

The book that I am working on will tell the story, partly to let go of the past and partly to offer hope to others who struggle with self acceptance.

As I reach in to the past it opens wounds that are painful, but also opens my eyes to see who I am good and bad. If I don't accept and love myself I can't expect others to.

This is who I am.

I am a mother of two beautiful children with promising futures
I love to cook, create, craft and write
I love being with people all of the time
I am incredibly sensitive and emotional
I try to do the right thing
I am loyal and hardworking
I always give more than I get
I am worthy of love and happiness

So where the blog was about inspiring others and the impact of their actions, now it's about us getting through day by day with a little humor and a lot of hope! I'll share recipes and reviews, creations and tutorials, favorites, inspiring stories and parts from my book. I am happy to say that my 16 year old son has given me his blessings and is very supportive about the blog!
It came to me when I started sharing the photos of food and crafts that I made and got really positive feedback!

If you like the blog, I hope that you will share it with others. The more followers the blog gets the better my chances for making a living at writing and getting my book published.

See you in a few days when I have more to share....

Until then,


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"Joy" happens

It's been 18 days since I left my job. It was a tough choice to make but, our kids need  me at home. It has really put things in perspective.

For the last two years I've been working 6 and 7 days a week to try to get back on track to the lifestyle that we once knew.  A big house in a great school district, shopping at Nordstroms, eating out several times a week, kids in dance, baseball, nice vacations and nice clothes. Compared to the standards here we didn't live extravagantly,  but we never had to say no to our children. Ever!

In the past, the sacrifices we had to make have been bearable. We just tightened up a little. But we have always managed to bounce back!

The tangible things that we had became less important as long as we still had what we needed.

I think the hardest part of going through transitions in your life is the carnage of friendships. The people that you had so much in common with go on with their lives, without you. It's sad. When things are tough sometimes just a conversation can be helpful to lift your spirits. But it seems as though people are uncomfortable being around those who are struggling.

I've always been an open book and wear my emotions on my sleeve which has not served me well in relationships. It seems to scare people away!

The funny thing is, that as you learn to live with less tangible things you find that you don't need all of that stuff. In fact, it feels good to live lighter. Less choices to make, less to clean, less to move and less to take care of. It simplifies life!

Unfortunately, that is not the case with friendships and relationships. Where you expected kindness and understanding people have turned their backs. However, in some cases kindness and good conversations have come from the most unlikely places. Casual acquaintances suddenly become more than that and strangers touch you in ways that leave you feeling very blessed! I've come to appreciate the relationships that I do have even more. I spend more time asking questions and really listening, not just to what people are saying but what they are feeling. I didn't take the time to do that before.

Being at home with my kids has forced me to slow down. It's not that there's less to do! Just as much laundry, cooking, dishes, dusting and vacuuming and yard work. But now I have time to see when
something needs my attention. Time to laugh and be silly. Time to investigate things I want to learn
about and things I want to teach my children.

I'm starting to find joy and good feelings from simple things like sleeping in, taking pictures of my kids being kids. I even get real satisfaction from empty dirty clothes baskets! I can have a real conversation with my son without distractions because we have to be somewhere. Suddenly my daughter and I are not at odds over every little detail. I have gotten back to being a really good cook, something I have a real passion for.

So, as we continue to fight this battle I am seeing things differently. We may have to eat at home and hold off on a new pair of shoes for a while. We don't have as much stuff as we used to and we have less friends to spend time with.

I believe that there is a lesson in each road we travel in life. This one is becoming crystal clear!

For now our hearts are full and today that's all we need!

Live 2 Inspire

Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Prayer for Mothers of Daughters Everywhere

A Prayer for Mothers of Daughters Everywhere
Written by: Tracey Wormsbacher

I pray that you that in raising your daughter you influence her in positive ways.

I pray that you teach your daughter to be kind and compassionate not only with words but with actions.

I pray that you understand that what you teach your daughter today is who she will be tomorrow.

I pray that your daughter knows that you’re not perfect and that you don’t expect her to be either.

I pray that you instill values that build a healthy sense of self-confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem.

I pray that you can find a way to give her the confidence to stand up for herself when others won’t.

I pray that you invest the time to talk about right from wrong on a regular basis.

I pray that you spend time showing her how her actions affect others.

I pray that she can learn to be a “lady” no matter what the circumstances.

I pray that you can control your emotions when faced with times when things hurt your     

I pray that when bad things happen you show your daughter that “Doing the right thing” 
              is most important.

I pray that your daughter is able to tell you the truth, no matter what the consequences are.

I pray that no matter what the truth is that you will let her know that your love is unconditional.

I pray that during conflicts you are able to see it from different perspectives and teach your daughter to do the same.

I pray that you care for and protect the friends of your daughter as if they are your own.

I pray that you recognize the times when your daughter needs you to be a friend and the times when she needs you to be   
             her Mother.

I pray that you can find it in your heart not to judge others when they make mistakes but take advantage of the teachable  moments for you as a mother and your daughter as a child in these challenging and confusing times.

I pray that you convey that is never ok to have fun or gain at the expense of another human being.

I pray that your daughter learns to be a “Good Friend” by your example.

I pray that you surround yourself with other Mothers who share the same values for their daughters.

I pray that God shows you that we all share the same goals for our daughters, to be raised in a safe and loving environment that will prepare them to be “Mothers of daughters”.

“I pray that you help other mothers by sharing this prayer.”