Monday, August 20, 2012

A Prayer for my Son

Last week we were shopping for school supplies for our son who just started 
his sophomore year in high school. It occurred to me how important this
year would be and how fast it will go by.

I always give him the talk about remembering where he is why he's there. 
We talk about how focus and effort equals success. He's so nonchalant and 
easy going it frustrates us as parents because we never see any highs or lows. 
Oh he's happy and social, he just doesn't seem to be in a hurry or have any 
urgency for anything but text messages or the next meal!

Knowing what lies ahead of him, that worries me. I talk to other parents with 
the same worries which usually calms me a bit. Sometimes I get lucky and talk
to parents with sons who have already graduated from college and they laugh 
and tell me that their son was the same way and they found their way!

As parents, we do the very best we can encouraging, supporting 
them and giving them opportunities. And then they have to take the wheel. 

Then it's time to pray!

So, today I wrote a prayer for my son.

I hope you enjoy it and pass it on... 

A Mother’s prayer for her son

I pray that you understand the importance of this part of your life and how it 
           will impact the rest of your life.

I pray that you have the confidence and motivation to make the most of this 
           time with friends and community.

I pray that you have the strength to walk away from things that you know 
           are wrong.

I pray that you know that in order to be respected you must respect others.

I pray that  you think about  choices you make today because they determine 
           your tomorrow.

I pray that you take your responsibilities seriously and put first things first.

I pray that you take a stand on positions instead of standing for nothing.

I pray that you find your gift and give it with passion.

I pray that you learn to show compassion and empathy for those who have 
           less than you.

I pray that you find joy in a hard day's work.

I pray that you work as hard as you play.

I pray that you find your voice when it’s most important for you to be heard.

I pray that you always put your best foot forward in spite of the risk of failure.

I pray that you have enough self-respect to always look your best.

I pray that you always put your best foot forward and know that your best 
           is good enough.

I pray that you know that to attract ladies you need to treat girls/women 
           like ladies.

I pray that you know that if you act like a gentleman you will be treated like a

I pray that you grow into the man you would like your daughter to bring home.

I pray that you never underestimate the power of a good handshake, a good 
           haircut, well-groomed hands, a white shirt & tie and polished shoes.

I pray that people remember you because of your kind and gentle ways.

I pray that you can give without being asked to.

I pray that you understand the value of being organized and prepared.

I pray that you know that you will only be judged on your failures if you 
           don’t try.

I pray that when you fail you find the lesson.

I pray that your failures don’t make you give up.

I pray that you never have fun at the expense of another person.

I pray that you search for the good in people before you judge them by 
           their flaws.

I pray that you know that there is a difference between questioning authority
           and disrespecting authority.

I pray that you feel my love and know that you take a piece of my heart 
           wherever you go.

I pray that God keeps you safe and guides you in a path of happiness 
           and success.

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