Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Be my Guest!

The Cosmopolitan Collection - Jenna David 

It really is comical when I look back at all of the things that I tried to drive traffic to Hearts of Inspiration. Because resources and funds were slim I had to be creative about getting new merchandise to replace the little merchandise I did sell. It was a big place to keep stocked up!

I learned from other merchants in town that they had some success with guest vendors during events. So I thought I would post an invitation on facebook and see what happens. It was an opportunity for people to sell merchandise or services with no obligation except for mentioning it on facebook, emails or whatever method they use for marketing. I thought that it would be a great way of networking. Seemed like a win-win!

Here is a list of the vendors that I hosted over the course of a year.

Jenna David - I think Bonnie did ok that night but, her contacts helped me have my best night ever!

Pop Up Knitting - It gave Terri some ideas and it turned into tea on Tuesdays for us. We are now really good friends.

Lizzy Designs - She came one night and left her hair accessories on consignment. I called her to pick them up when I moved in June and she never came or called.

My Little Dreams - Hair accessories. I still see her around with her beautiful girls. She is now a photographer!

Cake Pop Couture - Nothing, never heard from her again though I have invited her. She was very kind and provided cake pops for the "Free" Tea Party. If you ever need cake pops, look her up on facebook.
They are beautiful and delicious!

Stuffettes - Wedding and decor pillows, Wine Jackets and Hair Accessories. Lee came a few times but I never heard from her again.

Westpointe Designs - I loved this girl she was tall and beautiful and very humble. She did repurpose and upcycled really cool earrings. They were only $10 but couldn't sell one pair in Northville.

My friends Maria and Angie who sell bracelets imported from Greece. They had a beautiful display and sold a few pieces but not nearly what they sell at home parties???  They were very gracious and gave me a scarf and bracelet as a thank you!

My Jenny Lou - Women and children's apparel and tote bags.

Your Botanicals - Homegrown, organic skincare. Lauren came a few times and left her items at the store to promote the line. About 3 months later, she called me on the phone and said that she was on her way to Texas, permanently and I could do whatever I saw fit with her samples!

One of my favorites, Designs by Flo. A sweet lady who has been cutting her own wood and making christmas ornaments and holiday decor for 25 years. Flo and her husband came up from retirement in Florida to be with their son and grandchildren. They had all of their inventory left and didn't want to
be in the business anymore so they set it up a couple of times sold a few pieces then left some with me on consignment. Some was a little outdated but people loved the story and the prices. We both did pretty good on it. Nice people!

Mary Kay, Shaklee, Stella and Dot and Thirty One Gifts were here too!

Last year on Girl's Night I thought I would try a DJ! The idea was that he would draw the ladies down to party with us at Hearts of Inspiration. When he started playing music I asked him when he was going
to start taking requests or talking and he says: "What do you mean, You want me to talk? I didn't rehearse anything!"  Biggest waste of $300 I have ever spent! There went my sales for the night.

Overall, nobody did much business during the events. I have to say though, it was like a party and they were my guests. It made me happy just to have them around!

Next: It's all about the kids!


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