Thursday, December 15, 2011

The "Vision"

When I started thinking about what Hearts of Inspiration would look like I envisioned Crisp, Clean lines with a mixture of Soft touches of pink and lots of "White", my favorite color.

I wanted to carry merchandise that would make girls of all ages feel pretty!

The "Pink Party Suite" is a place where little girls can be a princess or a fairy for a day. Whatever inspires them to feel pretty and have fun with friends.

We layered shades of pink and a few sprinkles of green. Then we added fresh white china, tea pots and tea cups.

For extra fun we can add crafts, a visit with a fairy, music or story time.

But it's not just for little girls, big girls like to feel pretty too.

Pretty pink parties are perfect for older girls birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers,
girls get togethers, group meetings and tea parties for any occasion!

Think of the possibilities. Pampering parties, jewelry parties, creating together or just a few friends getting together for tea in your own private suite.

You don't have to have a party to have a cup of tea.

The water's hot and it's always tea time!

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