Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Family Dinners"

In the past I have talked about the importance of family dinners. Last night my daughter's good friend joined us for dinner. Which by the way was prepared by the two of them. Since Casee is a foody and pretty close to a gourmet cook, it was delicious. Parmesan Pesto Pizza and Salad with carmelized onions, red pepper, feta and balsamic dressing. It's common for Casee to come up with these combinations.

We had spent the summer in 2006 learning to cook by watching Food Network and spending hours looking through celebrity cookbooks. Cooking and food has been a passion for Casee since then.

That was just a little side note because I am amazed by my daughter!

The subject was Family Dinners.

During our conversation at dinner, Casee's friend commented how "Blessed" we are to eat dinner as a family. She explained that the only night of the week her family eats together is once during the week she eats with her Mom when she picks her up from dance at 7:30. The rest of the nights she is at dance so late that the family has eaten and makes her a plate or she has something quick while she finishes her homework before bed.

While the observation made me feel good it also made me sad because I know that we are not the norm.  I also know that our family dinners are numbered since my son is about to start driving!

Until then, we make it a point to eat as a family whenever possible.

There are books and articles written on the subject and the benefits. My favorite is a weekly post on the Huffington Post called  "Family Dinner Table Talk". The writer poses a subject for the dinner conversation. The topic may not interest you or your family but it is a great idea!
As usual in visiting the site on the subject I also found a great book "The Family Dinner".

I recommend that you check out both forinspiration. I love the idea of a dinner topic! It's fun and motivates me to stay on track with Family Dinners. I will be sure to share a topic every week on our facebook page!
The message says to me that the important thing is a sincere dialogue with your family. Whether you're your enjoying a Sunday roast dinner, fast food or cereal for dinner.

Make time to talk with your family, as a family and do it as often as possible, the benefits are immeasurable!
Thanksgiving 2010 Table scape by Casee

New Year's 2009 Table scape by Casee

Christmas 2009 Table scape by Casee

Casee's favorite pass time "Food"

Christmas 2010 Table scape by Casee

Christmas 2011 Table scape by Casee

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