Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kindness Inspires Kindness

"Kindness Inspires Kindness"

We're touched by acts of kindness every day. 

Do we recognize kindness? Do we pay kindness forward? 

As a part of the manners and etiquette classes for children I explain the difference between kindness and helpful and we work on examples for both.

"Being Helpful makes another person's life easier"

"Being Kind makes another person feel good"

Kindness and Helpfulness work hand in hand!

You can teach children the same principles by sharing when you do 
something  helpful for another person or when someone does something 
helpful or kind for you.

Explain what motivated you and what the reaction was by the other person. 
Include your children and let them take part in it. 

Ask your child to give you an examples of things that he or she can do for 
others that is helpful or kind.

Many of us do this naturally however, it's  important to make a conscious effort to include your children so that they see the benefits and the valuable lessons that come from a

"Simple Act of Kindness"!

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