Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Black Friday Shopping Manners

Ready, Set, Shop!
As you head out for the madness on "Black Friday" don't forget your credit cards, extra dose of patience and last but not least, your manners!

I always tell my young students to "be polite and use good manners even when others do not".

Here is a list of the top manners to keep in mind while on the hunt on Black Friday!
  1. I know you're in a hurry to get those great deals but,  please use your turn signals and obey traffic signs and rules on the way to the mall. When it says: "Not turn on Red" that means you too! Don't play follow the leader just because the person in front of you thinks he's "Special".
  2. Yellow lights do not mean "Go like hell"!
  3. Don't get into a scuffle when someone takes your parking spot. A nice brisk walk will do you good after all of that turkey and stuffing!
  4. If you get "Hot under the collar" easily, leave your coat in the car and stick to decaf for your morning cup of joe.
  5. If your kids don't tolerate large crowds and waiting in lines very well, consider a babysitter for their sake and your sanity as well as the other shoppers.
  6. Consider holding the door or allowing people who are leaving with packages to exit before you enter.
  7. Be sure to be pleasant, smile and say please and thank you to the customer service people, their day will be much more stressful than yours! 
  8. When sales people or other shoppers are less considerate or even rude, count to 10, take a breath and say "Happy Holiday"!
  9. If you need to take a break and sit down in one of the comfy chairs in the mall, Please don't use the extra chair for your packages, leave it open for another weary shopper to rest.
  10. If you decide not to purchase something in your hand consider putting it back where you got it because as you can see by the piles of "Go Backs" others will not!
  11. Save your cell phone calls for common areas or in the parking lot in the privacy of your car and not while you're in line or having lunch in a busy restaurant with people waiting for a seat. It's really exciting that you got 1/2 off on the gift for your daughter but trust me, nobody within 20 feet of you will be as excited as you!
  12. Be considerate of people waiting in line, in the event that you "Just Have a Question".  Try to find a sales person on the floor instead of walking up to the counter while another customer is making a purchase. 
Whether you're a lone shopper on a mission or making a day of it with your friends or family members
remember to smile, be polite and have fun!

Happy Shopping!


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