Monday, November 19, 2012

Glad I could Help

I started off by inviting you to come along with me as I try to answer the question which has more impact on life? Choice or Fate.

As I recount the journey of owning a business, I find myself leaning toward fate. I am still hopeful that making good choices will have an impact on fate but at this point feel like no matter what you do in life there is a greater plan that has nothing to do with following the rules, doing the right thing or common sense!

When I opened the doors at Hearts of Inspiration I thought that the other business people in town would come over to say hello and welcome me to the neighborhood since I have been a loyal downtown shopper for nearly 20 years! Isn't that what neighbors do?

Daily phone calls and visits from  credit card processors, publications and charitable organizations who want my business or donations from Hearts of Inspiration!

For the record,  Tracy who heads up the Northville High School Drama Club Program and Marketing, Lori who's involved in Kids 4 Afphgan,  Anita with Cristoph"s All Stars have been wonderful about supporting HOI and referring others!

Many of the tenants in the building came as well! Jan from CVMedia, Plymouth Physical therapy, Perfect Travel, GG boutique, Bodyfit all made it a point to stop by and introduce themselves. One of the owners from Pearaphanalia has stopped by a few times! My biggest fans have come from GG's and Mary Starring who is the best at putting people together!

My heart is full of love and support from my dear friend Marilyn from LimeLight Emporium.
She has been my light during the darkest days when I am ready to throw the towel in. Today is her Birthday, Happy Birthday my friend!

Don't get me started on RePurpose, Give me a break! Most of my store fixtures were purchased from Cari.  Heather, Justin, Andrea and Janet were friendly and helpful, but the only time I ever saw Cari or Vince was when I was burning up the credit card in their store. And I should be lucky to do that!

Ok. They don't know I'm here! So, I bag up cookies and business cards and have my daughter and friend bring them to the businesses to introduce Hearts of Inspiration. Great idea?

The only one response was from the florist. She made it a point to call me to tell me how cute my daughter was! An hour later her Mother is in the store checking me out and telling me how successful her business is. By the way, "Where did you get those beautiful table cloths?"Maybe she will bring her Grand daughter to my next tea party! A few hours later I get a phone call from her. She's going to reserve a seat at the tea party! No, she wants the name of the company I got the tablecloths from! Two weeks later I see the same tablecloths in her event room in a different color!

Glad I could help!

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