Sunday, November 18, 2012

Welcome to the Neighborhood!


Call it naive, call it sensitive. I call it looking for good in people. Believe that doing good is worth doing! But don't take it personal when other people don't get it.

In life as in business,  your own perception of how things should be versus how they really are can sometimes be very disappointing.  It is surprising to me how many things are exactly what I expected while others are not what I expected at all! Mostly having to do with people.

My first taste of this example is when I approached a company in town to work on a website and logo design. With past experience, I have learned how important it is to be able to communicate your vision. More important is that the company can translate that to the world!

I  know people in the business but felt that it was important to use a Northville business.

I did try to use the company in the same building, who came as a referral and his parents are neighbors. His response was that he didn't do that kind of work. Only, it is exactly the kind of work he did for the person who referred me to him. I find out that he had a great opportunity in California and moved there!

Couldn't you just be honest? 

Keep marching...

First I spoke to the owner by phone, I liked his demeanor. His approach is that he only takes on projects with a purpose. Perfect! He had me download a profile to fill out before our first meeting.  The questions were straight forward and I thought gave him a good glimpse into what the vision was for  Hearts of Inspiration. He included questions like "How will you measure success?" and "How will you know when your company is successful"?  Those are not easy questions for some but for me, music to my ears!

Then came our first meeting. While going over the answers on the profile I felt a connection and thought it was going very well in terms my goals and being a good match.

I complimented him and told him that I respected the fact that he only worked on projects that he felt were meaningful. It's important to be honest right?

We left our meeting with the idea that he would get back to me with a quote on price and a timeline. He seemed a little uncomfortable with my completion target. I wait a week don't hear back.  I leave a message. No call back. I send an email. A few days go by and I get an email back, "Sorry, have been busy out of town but will be working on it and get an answer in just a few days".  A few days later I send him a reminder and his email back was:

Dear Tracey, 

In reviewing the profile for your business I don't feel that _________ is a good fit. My project schedule is about 3 or 4 months out for this kind of work.

Good luck though! 

Tracey you better get your "Big Girl" panties on!

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