Sunday, November 25, 2012

Practice what you preach!

I know I spend a lot of time pointing out disappointments. In my personal world I try not to waste precious time on negativity. However, recounting these things is a learning opportunity for all of us.

Does it make me bitter? Oh, I am angry, but as with other negativity in my life I try to figure out what makes people behave a certain way. Most of the time I can analyze it down to a point where I actually can empathize with people when they're shallow, selfish or self absorbed. More often it is the latter.

What I hope happens is that people see the message that we need to be aware of how our actions affect others and inspire them to be helpful and kind by doing the right thing consciously everyday. Not just when asked to.

Wouldn't it be great to live in a world where people realize that they're not the only one living in it?

Being helpful and kind doesn't always require writing a check or even going out of your way. Sometimes it just means thinking before you act.

Helping others shouldn't be calculated by what's in it for me. Helping others doesn't need to be written in the paper to let everyone know.

I won't attempt to make you think that I am martyr or Jesus Christ. But it is how I live my life. It does seem that a lot of the time the nice guy finishes last. There are many things that I attempt to be helpful and I look for opportunities, just trying to get some LOVE!

But I do practice what I preach, not always with great results but still...

When the coffee shop was about to close I got visits from two ladies who worked there. One a palm reader and the other a music lady. Both were unemployed looking to make a little money. I felt compelled to help them out.

Vijaya, (yes, that is her name) the palm reader, also makes jewelry. Having her here was a bit like having a child around but I did my best. Not only did she ask me to give her a table, tablecloth and chair, she wanted me to move it around for her, precisely where she liked it. She asked me to put her hand written brochures and cards on my window and I did. When she asked about her jewelry. I told her I would give her an area in the window. But she needed display racks and price tags so, I helped her with that and put together a nice little display. She would come by weekly and ask if I had any money for her! After a few months it wasn't worth her driving from Ann Arbor so I packed up her things and I never saw her again. She never thanked me for the opportunity!

The Music Lady was altogether different!

You'll get to meet her coming up next in: Cookies and Milk


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