Saturday, November 24, 2012

If not them, WHO?

The questions the "website guy" asks are important.  How will you know when your business is successful? I never had a vision of getting rich and opening 10 stores! I saw the concept as good for the
community.  My vision was for Hearts to be a place where kids would want to come on a regular basis where they could be creative and learn about things that would build confidence and a sense of self- awareness.

I believe that when you focus on learning how to get a long in this world  you're less likely to be bullied or to be a bully!

Speaking of education, two of the biggest let downs during my time here have come from events related to education that were hosted right outside of the doors of Hearts of Inspiration.

In case you don't know, You can rent out space in Northville Square for events. Fundraisers, Parties, Showers etc...

The first one was when a school board member was leaving and they organized a "Going Away" party for her. It was a big deal. Anyone who was involved in the school district would be there. I thought the exposure would be invaluable. Surely educators would see the value and pass along the message. Teachers have alway been big fans of the idea!

The area outside the store was set up like a hall. While they were setting up I figured some of them would wander in and since it was a Friday, I didn't mind staying open just in case. I know that their focus was the event, but when they put the crowd control rope up that stopped people from coming to the end of the mall while I was still open for the day, that is when I got the message. Well, I would leave my brochures on "Manners" out so they could read about it. But then one of the organizers suggested that I turn the lights off because they were trying to create ambience for the party...

The other event happened to be organized by some people that I know personally. Even better I thought. They would be sensitive and supportive! They started setting up around 3:00 in the afternoon.
I thought there might be some value in staying open.

Then they set the display tables for auction items literally in front of my store windows and again made
the area unaccessible to the public, I was done! The best part was when one of the organizers asked me
where they could tap into a phone line for their credit card machine? Do you think we can run a phone
cord to your phone line to process credit cards? Of course.  Glad I can help...

As a thank you, he offered two tickets to the fundraising event two hours later.

I read that the event was very successful in raising a lot of money for the new turf for the football field!

Next: Practice what you preach!


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