Monday, September 16, 2013

"Saving Myself"

I'm not new to blogging but now I'm blogging to save my life. Really.

I've had some pretty dark moments in my life. This past summer I hit bottom. I hope! I have posted lots of stories about my business, but never really shared what was happening at home. I was feeling so hopeless about our circumstances that I wanted to end my life. God reached down and said "You're not finished yet".

Earlier in my life I had been pulled out of other harmful situations by God, Buddha, Allah, Angels or Strangers? Each time at the brink of desperation. This time is different because I was told that I would need to save myself!

I was reminded that I was given two miracles named Evan and Casee. I would have to find strength for them.

The book that I am working on will tell the story, partly to let go of the past and partly to offer hope to others who struggle with self acceptance.

As I reach in to the past it opens wounds that are painful, but also opens my eyes to see who I am good and bad. If I don't accept and love myself I can't expect others to.

This is who I am.

I am a mother of two beautiful children with promising futures
I love to cook, create, craft and write
I love being with people all of the time
I am incredibly sensitive and emotional
I try to do the right thing
I am loyal and hardworking
I always give more than I get
I am worthy of love and happiness

So where the blog was about inspiring others and the impact of their actions, now it's about us getting through day by day with a little humor and a lot of hope! I'll share recipes and reviews, creations and tutorials, favorites, inspiring stories and parts from my book. I am happy to say that my 16 year old son has given me his blessings and is very supportive about the blog!
It came to me when I started sharing the photos of food and crafts that I made and got really positive feedback!

If you like the blog, I hope that you will share it with others. The more followers the blog gets the better my chances for making a living at writing and getting my book published.

See you in a few days when I have more to share....

Until then,


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