Saturday, September 21, 2013

Criminals, Rule Breakers, Soup for the Soul and Stinky Shoes

Day by Day

I go to bed at night with the peace of knowing that I work hard every day. In fact, I wish I spent more time doing something fun just for myself. Perhaps, read a magazine? I'm always trying to figure out how I can multitask by doing something productive while watching "Real Housewives".  Most nights I sleep pretty good! Partly because I love to sleep and partly because because the stress has taken every ounce of my energy. I wanted to make a good impression with my 1st post with the new format, but I had a headache. I spent the day trying to clear up a mess on Ebay! Be careful and BEWARE!! I have good luck selling items under $200. But I listed high-end jewelry and out came the criminals!

I think my years of retail has given me the ability to see red flags and man these people are slick!
Luckily, I have an eye for this sort of thing and caught them trying to scam me before I shipped the goods.
The security at Ebay was a bit surprised how I figured it out. The bad news is that you have to go through a process before you take the item down or relist it.

Now I'm concerned about selling those type of items on Ebay! I have a beautiful watch and some designer pieces that I desperately need to sell.

I'm Just Sayin' 

By nature I am a rule follower. Honestly, because I hate confrontation. The idea of someone pointing out that I broke the rules is crushing to me. So I drive the speed limit, put my cart back and count my items before stepping into an express lane at the grocery store!

Apparently there are a few people at my daughter's middle school who don't care about following rules or they just think that they're special so the rules don't apply to them.

Everyday I go to the school early so I can back into my parking spot. Trying to back out is nearly impossible because there are so many parents driving in circles while talking on their cell phones. Then there are the "special people" who get there early to get their spot in  the fire lane that has a sign posted "NO PARKING" Fire Lane even though there are 20 legal parking spots open! There are about 5 of those people. How about the people who park in the driveway on both sides so you need a smart car to get through. To top it off they get there early so they can get out of the car and go socialize with another special parent while standing in an open parking spot! Do they teach their kids to follow the rules or break the rules? I'm just sayin'...

Recipe Review

"Pioneer Woman's Broccoli Soup"

Soup is good for the soul! I love it because it's so versatile. It can be refreshing with a salad in the summer or warm and hearty with a grilled sandwich during cold months.

I think this one is delicious no matter what time of the year!  Pioneer Woman is my favorite cooking show on Food Network. I've tried a lot of recipes from celebrity cooks and some just didn't taste good! Every recipe that I've tried from Pioneer Woman is delicious. Most I would make again. Be sure to make a big batch of this soup, your whole family will love it!
Leftovers can easily be frozen. Try it with muffins or crusty rolls.

Here's the link:

"Shoe Buddies" 

Here's the 1st run at a tutorial. Hey, cut me some slack while I get the hang of this! I'm one of those who's not afraid to try things but, I'm self taught on most everything. 

I hear Moms talking about smelly shoes. I did some research and found a recipe that was easy and inexpensive so I thought I would give it a try! You can also use these for your undergarment drawers or add a loop to hang on hangers in your closet. This is an easy "No Sew" project that you can make and give away as gifts too! If you're not into crafts you know where you can get them. $3.00 a pair or two pair for $5.00

   Supplies needed
Baking Soda
Loose weave fabric
Pinking Shears

 8" bowl to trace pattern

                                                   I used an 8 inch bowl for my pattern.

                                                          Trace the pattern with a pen

Cut out your circles using pinking shears to help prevent fraying
I used a coffee scoop and measured equal parts of baking soda and lavender

Then pull all of your edges together to create a little package

Secure it with your ribbon. 10" pieces will give you just enough to make a cute little bow. 
Be sure to pull it really tight so your ribbon doesn't come off!

 Aren't they cute?

And lastly my inspiring thought for today: 

Practice deliberate kindness daily.  I can't tell you how good it makes me feel when I give a compliment or offer to help without being asked. Somedays, this is how I get through the day!

"Live 2 Inspire"

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